What is “Home made gelato”?

Homemadegelato.org is the english speaking version of gelatoincasa.org, the  most visited and most influential website in Italy about home made gelato that at the end of June 2013 it has from 2000 to 3000 daily visitors with almost 10000 page views per day.

From an idea of Luca Musolesi and its passions for gelato, the websites aim to spread the culture of the gelato making at home, with simple and natural ingredients. We believe that the knowledge of the home made gelato can help people being happier and also understanding the real value of high quality and fresh artisanal gelato.

To reach its goal gelatoincasa.org and homemadegelato.org propose easy recipes for great gelato and some scientific articles to explain something more on the physics an chemistry that makes gelato magic possible.

Luca Musolesi (Founder)

Luca Musolesi

Violinist, physicist, web developer and gelato passionate begins making home made gelato at the age of 12, with the studies in physics develops an insterest on the science of gelato and starts researching how the home made gelato works and try to spread this culture through the website gelatoincasa.org and the english version homemadegelato.org.

Michela Trovato Giancardillo (Editor)

Michela Trovato GiancardilloArt history student, big gelato passionate discovered home made gelato and immediatly started making her own gelato everyday. Content reviewer of gelatoincasa.org and chief content editor of the english language project.


Yaniv Abergel (Technical contributor)

Yaniv Abergel35 years old gelato maestro, living in Italy for the last few years, founder and developer of Dolcemente gelateria, using only high quality organic ingredients. He proposed his gelato at the “International handcraft trade fair”of Florence and at “Florence gelato festival 2012. Yaniv ’s flavor, “Caffè Corsini Malawi – Mapango” won the title of “Best Flavour” at the Florence Gelato Festival section “Newcomers Gelatieri”.