Gelato what?

What is gelato and what is this website?

Speaking of the website¬† is the international -english speaking- version of the most famous italian blog about home made gelato: We believe everyone in the world should know the joy of gelato making at home, and since it’s pretty easy to do it, we try to spread the knowledge and the passion for this incredible food.

The recipes of gelato are easy, you just need to learn some basic stuff and you can start making your own home made gelato!

We also like to talk about the science that is behind gelato and gelato making, so if you’re curious you will find interesting articles about physics and chemistry that will help you understanding why happens what do happen and to make a better gelato.

To find more information about us and our project please read the about page, and if you want even more leave a comment or contact us.

Gelato vs ice cream

You may know exactly what gelato is, or you may wonder why not to call it “ice cream”. No matter what, you will soon understand what are the differences between the two, but at the moment let’s call ice cream the industrial one and gelato the artisanal and home made one.

So, are you ready to enter the fabolous world of gelato making at home?!

home made gelato