Melon sorbet

Melon sorbet is another summer classic. Melon as most of summer fruits is really good to make a sorbet, so I suggest you to try it immediately!

A delicious way to serve it is with some sliced strawberry with  some lemon juice and a little bit of sugar, or also with a fruit salad.

The recipe is really easy like for all the sorbets, sometimes the melon can be too sweet,  if it is so it is better to add some lemon juice in the mixture to make the taste more balanced.


  • 250 g melon

  • 160 ml water

  • 90 g sugar


The procedure for the melon sorbet is very simple, because the ingredients are just three.

Pour the water in the beaker, cut the melon in pieces and put it in. Add the sugar and then the lemon juice (if needed to correct the taste) and blend all together with the immersion blender. When the mixture is homogeneous and the sugar dissolved, turn on you gelato maker and pour the mixture in. In about 20-30 minutes you’ll have a sorbet ready to serve!

 Melon Sorbet

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Melon Sorbet
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