Peach Sorbet

During the summer there are a lot of fruits, so it is a pity not to use them to make wonderful sorbets! Before the summer strawberry sorbet is perfect, but when summer comes peaches come along, and yellow peach sorbet is perfect for the hot days of July.

Obviously being the sorbet made mostly of fruit the result depends only on the fruit you use. To make a perfect sorbet the fruit must be just ripe enough, not too unripe, not too ripe. You should always taste first the fruit and and if it tastes good your sorbet will be a great success.


  • 300 g of peaches

  • 180 ml of water

  • 110 g of sugar


Like every sorbet the procedure is extremely easy. Wash the peaches, peel them and cut them in pieces into the beaker. Add the sugar and the water and blend everything with the immersion blender. When the mixture is homogeneous pour it in the gelato maker and after 20-30 min a wonderful peach sorbet will be ready to serve!

Peach sorbet

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Peach Sorbet
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