Stracciatella gelato (Chocolate chip)

Stracciatella gelato (chocolate chip) is maybe the most famous gelato of the world and I can’t deny it’s my favorite. It is one of the easiest gelato recipe to make at home and one of the most appreciate by all the gelato’s gluttons.


  • 350 ml of whole milk
  • 150 ml of heavy cream
  • 85 g of sugar
  • 5 g vanilla powdered sugar
  • 45 g dark chocolate


The procedure to make stracciatella is very easy, blend together the milk and the cream with the sugar and the vanilla powdered sugar (you can also use only 90 g of sugar). When the sugar is dissolved pour the mixture in the gelato maker and after 10-15 minutes, when it begins to become solid add the chocolate previously grated and leave the mixture in the gelato maker for the remaining time, until it have the right consistence.

Stracciatella gelato


  1. Which kind of chocolate to use? This is a difficult question, because everything depends on your personal taste, I suggest to use a dark chocolate 50-55%, but you can make your own experiments with sweeter or bitterer kinds of chocolate, and find your own personal favourite!

  2. How to grate the chocolate? I experimented for many years until I found the solution for this problem, the traditional way to grate the chocolate is to grate it with a knife, but after a few times it is not so funny anymore. The best way that I found at last is to use a mandoline slicer (the one you use for vegetables) with a ceramic blade, it can seem strange, but I think this is the best way!

  3. Often I add to the stracciatella less than a teaspoon of cocoa that gives a bit of color and gives more strength to the taste.


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Stracciatella gelato (Chocolate chip ice cream)
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